Founder Members

1961-1964.Dr.Riaz Ali Shah
He was an eminent physician and was invited to head this new voluntary organization whose basic objective would be to stimulate the provisions of health services for Mother and Child in Pakistan.

1964-1975. Rana Abdul Hamid
During his period, MCWAP opened branches/Centers in NWAFP now named KPK (1969), Balochistan(1967) and Sindh (1971). The provincial branches were encouraged to organize district level chapters.

1975-1976. Sheikh Muhmmad Rashid
He was Minister of Health & Social Welfare, Government of Pakistan.

1976-1981. Lt.Gen.C.K.Hassan
During his tenure, MCWAP initiated collaboration at global level, starting with international Association of Maternity and Neonatal Health (IAMANEH), which was established by Prof. Dr. Hubert-de-Watteville of Geneva, Switzerland in 1977.




Dr. Riaz Ali Shah


1981-2002. Prof. Dr. Mrs. Asghari Khanam Awan


2003-2011. Prof. Dr. Mrs. Mahmuda Mubashar

2012 till todate


Prof. Dr. Mrs. Asghari Khanam Awan
She was awarded by IAMANEH for work in
the field of MCH


Prof. Dr. Mrs. Mahmuda Mubashar

Mrs. Farzana Sami