To achieve its objectives, MCWAP has opened Maternity and Child Welfare Centers (MCH) at different places with the provision of community based services. The services are catered to a defined population residing in the targeted/delineated area. These main components of services are

  1. Antenatal care for pregnant mothers including immunization with tetanus toxoid

  2. Assistance for child birth when required

  3. Counseling women in the post-birth period for health check-ups, promoting spacing and limitation of birth, as well as for promoting breast feeding

  4. Health care services for infants and nursing mothers

  5. Grooming services for preschool children (1-5 years)

  6. Immunization of children against nine preventable diseases by following the WHO/UNICEF schedule

  7. Health education in person, and in groups Nutrition education by holding demonstrations through group and individual education programs

  8. Contraception services that emphasize on the motivation for family planning and (general medical care if required or requested;). Surveillance of prospective mothers is a priority because we are committed to planning the births

  9. Training of indigenous Dias/Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) and Continuing professional education program for members of “Health Providers” team.

Ante-Natal /Posts Natal and Immunization Services

Family Folder of each Family is prepared which contains the following information:

  1. Registration of the family (reproductive age group) of the Project Area.

  2. Socio-Demographic background of the family.

  3. Complete health record of all the child bearing age (CBA) women in the Project Area.

  4. Growth monitoring of all the infants and preschool children.

  5. Immunization record of all the children below age of 5.

  6. Registration of all pregnancies within 12-14 weeks.

  7. A four weekly Antenatal check-ups of the registered pregnant women up to 28 weeks of their pregnancy.

  8. Two weekly antenatal care check-ups from 28-36 weeks of their pregnancy.

  9. A weekly follow up from 36 weeks and thereafter.

  10. High risk clients are seen treated according to need and early referral is ensured.

  11. Immunization of expectant mothers with tetanus toxoid.

  12. Advice about breast feeding, nutrition, and child spacing.

  13. Post Natal: check-up of mothers and infants/newborn and general hygiene of the mother and the child. Family planning advice is also given to the mother.